Advertising on 2go

As a growing social media platform with an active user base of millions, 2go is well-positioned to give brands excellent exposure.

Audience demographics

2go has over 10 million active users across Africa.

Map showing geographical demographics

Bar chart showing age demographics Pie chart showing gender ratio

Advertising products

2go provides the following advertising and surveying products:

  1. Graphical adverts - full-screen graphical adverts that can click through to a mobi site.
  2. Text-based adverts - short text messages with the option of clickable links.
  3. Polling platform - conduct surveys to thousands of users and receive results within hours.

Real-time performance reporting

A real-time dashboard gives performance data on advert displays, audience demographics and click-throughs.

Sample graphical adverts

Sample ads for Immortality Live, Vodacom and McDonalds


In order to learn more about what 2go offers, please contact us at

Latest news

2go Launches ChatGPT Bot
8th May 2023

2go Chat launches game-changing ChatGPT-3 robot to enhance communication and learning experiences for its users.

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