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Discontinuation notice for

This page used to offer a method for running the Java ME edition of the 2go Chat app directly on a PC, a feature that was branded as "PC 2go". For various technical reasons, it is no longer possible to do so. We apologise for any convenience caused.

Are there any alternatives?

Yes! If you are fortunate enough to own an Apple Mac or MacBook computer with Apple silicon, you can download and install 2go directly from the App Store, just the same as if using an iPhone or iPad.

Some of our users may be aware that Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system is capable of running Android apps. The conventional method for installing Android apps in Windows is to download them from the Amazon Appstore. However, we have not yet published the app at this particular store. Should it become available in the future, we shall issue an announcement to that effect.

Why was it discontinued?

Java ME is a technology that made it possible to implement rich and powerful applications for older feature phones. It became less and less popular over time, due to the inexorable rise of the smart phone and its associated platforms, such as Android and iOS. By focusing on developing for these platforms, we are better able to implement new and compelling features, and can better ensure your confidentiality and security while using 2go's services.

Aditionally, the PC 2go feature required the use of a special browser plug-in. The purpose of the plug-in was to make it possible to run so-called Java applets. Over time, all of the major web browser vendors decided to phase out their support for plug-in technology. In September 2015, Oracle announced the deprecation of the Java plug-in software. In March 2017, Google made it impossible to continue to use plug-ins in their Chrome browser.

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